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Zenziva SMS client. Read their docs for more information.


Run composer

composer require agyson/zenziva-sms:dev-master


Standalone usage

Make sure you already have Zenziva account.

require 'vendor/autoload.php';

use Agyson\ZenzivaSms\Client as Sms;

$sms = new Sms('userkey', 'passkey');

// Simple usage
$sms->send('08123456789', 'Halo apa kabar?');

// Alternative way
    ->text('Halo apa kabar?')

// SMS masking
$sms->masking()->send('08123456789', 'Halo apa kabar?');

// For OTP
$sms->masking()->otp()->send('08123456789', 'This is OTP code');

// With custom sub-domain (if you choose paid for "SMS Center" plan)
    ->text('Halo apa kabar?')

// Change default URL

Use with Laravel Notification

Starts from Laravel 5.3, you can use Laravel Notification feature. You need to register the service provider. Open config/app.php, add this line inside providers.


Note: If you use Laravel 5.5 or higher, you can skip register service provider manually.

Insert this inside your config/services.php,

'zenziva' => [
    'userkey' => 'your-userkey',
    'passkey' => 'your-password',
    'subdomain' => '',
    'masking' => false,
    'scheme' => 'https',

Add this method to your User model (or any notifiable model),

public function routeNotificationForZenzivaSms()
    return $this->phone_number; // Depends on your users table field.

On your Notification class, add this inside via method. Like so

use Agyson\ZenzivaSms\NotificationChannel as ZenzivaSms;

// ...

public function via($notifiable)
    return [ZenzivaSms::class];

Now, we are ready to use notification feature in Laravel 5.3

use App\User;
use App\Notifications\PingNotification;

Route::get('/', function () {

    // Send notification to all users
    $users = User::all();
    \Notification::send($users, new PingNotification);

    // Or just to one user
    User::find(1)->notify(new PingNotification);


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