Capifony recipes

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#Capifony Recipes

Add some shortcut to your Capifony project

##Installation Add the following to your composer.json

"agiuliano/capifony-recipes": "dev-master"

##Usage After you Capified your project, add the following to your Capfile if you want to add one recipe at time

load 'vendor/agiuliano/capifony-recipes/recipes/ask_branch.rb'

otherwise, if you want to add all the recipes, you can add the following

Dir["vendor/agiuliano/capifony-recipes/recipes/*.rb"].each {|file| load file }

#Recipes The following section describes the recipes in the package and how to use them

##Git branch choice When you deploy your application, Capifony just ask you which branch you want to deploy.

By default, it propose to you the current branch you are on.

##Parameters When you setup your project, it'd be cool if Capifony automagically upload a specified parameters.yml on your server.

With this recipe you can tell Capifony which is you parameter file and when to upload it. In particular, in deploy.rb or prod/staging/whatever.rb file you can write

set :parameters_file, "parameters.yml"
after 'deploy:setup', 'upload_parameters'

parameters_file tells which name your parameters file has whereas after 'deploy:setup', 'upload_parameters' explains when the task has to be performed.

You can also add a custom folder:

set :parameters_dir, "app/config"