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Google Manufacturer Connector

Google Manufacturer Connector:

Google Manufacturer Connector allows you to export your products from Akeneo PIM into XML format for Google Manufacturer.

It will create a new "Google Manufacturer - XML Products Export" export type in which you can map your Akeneo PIM attributes to the mandatory attributes needed for Google Manufacturer exports. The connector will generate a XML file with the correct structure for Google Manufacturer integration.


Google Manufacturer Connector complete documentation is available here.

How it works:

With Google Manufacturer Connector, you can:

  • Create new Google Manufacturer export profiles
  • Configure and map each mandatory attribute from Google Manufacturer to Akeneo PIM attributes
  • Configure and map each optional attribute from Google Manufacturer to Akeneo PIM attributes
  • Configure and generate "Product Detail" and "Feature Description" nodes from Akeneo PIM attributes
  • Generate XML file for Google Manufacturer

You can also watch the video demonstration dedicated to the connector here.


  • Akeneo PIM 3.X or 4.X Community and Enterprise Edition

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