Dnd bundle to add description under your attributes on products

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This connector improve your workflow by adding descriptions to your attributes.


  • Add/Delete/Edit a localizable description to your attribute
  • Import/Export attribute description with Akeneo import/export
  • The description is displayed on the product page under the attribute field


AttributeDescriptionBundle Akeneo PIM Community Edition Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition
v1.0.* v2.*
v1.1.* v2.* v2.*

Connector installation on Akeneo PIM

If it's not already done, install Akeneo PIM.

Get composer (with command line):

$ cd /my/pim/installation/dir
$ curl -sS | php

Then, install DnDAttributeDescriptionBundle with composer:

In your composer.json, add the following code dependending on your Akeneo PIM version:

  • In require:
    "agencednd/attribute-description-bundle": "1.1.*"

Next, enter the following command line:

$php composer.phar require agencednd/attribute-description-bundle

Enable the bundle in app/AppKernel.php file, in the registerBundles function, before the line return $bundles:

$bundles[] = new Dnd\Bundle\AttributeDescriptionBundle\DndAttributeDescriptionBundle();

Then you need to override your Attribute entity in app/config/config.yml (at the end of the file):

            original: Pim\Bundle\CatalogBundle\Entity\Attribute
            override: Dnd\Bundle\AttributeDescriptionBundle\Entity\Attribute
            original: Pim\Bundle\CatalogBundle\Entity\AttributeTranslation
            override: Dnd\Bundle\AttributeDescriptionBundle\Entity\AttributeTranslation

And enter the following command line:

$php bin/console doctrine:schema:update --force


Just create/edit an attribute, a new tab has appeared and you can fill in your attribute description for each locale.

To import attribute description you need to add a new column to your classic attribute import file : description-{locale_code} (e.g: description-en_US).

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