A singleton static proxy generator.

dev-master 2020-12-24 03:45 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-09-24 05:32:17 UTC


This is a singleton static proxy generator that I use in several projects instead of creating true Singletons. It was inspired by Alain Schlesser’s post on Singletons.

I’ve moved this library into it’s own repository so that I will be better able to include it via composer.

I have written it to work with PSR-4.

composer require afragen/singleton:dev-master

When using this Singleton class in your project you will create an array of class instances.


@param string               $class_name
@param object               $caller     Originating object.
@param null|array|\stdClass $options

Singleton::get_instance( $class_name, $calling_class, $options );

This will usually be called as follows.

Singleton::get_instance( 'MyClass', $this );

The class object created will also pass the calling object as $instance[$class_name]->caller.

I do my best to automatically determine the namespace of the class. If the class is in a subfolder of src it will need to be designated in the call as follows.

If PSR-4 is set for the src directory and the class lives in src/MySubDir/MyClass the corresponding call would be as follows.

Singleton::get_instance( 'MySubDir\MyClass', $this );

I’m still learning how to properly set up using composer so this may be updated along the way.