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This bundle is a basic generator for PhpSpec, based on the Doctrine defined in your Symfony project


Begin by installing the package through Composer. Edit your project's composer.json file to require aeyoll/symfony-php-spec-generator-bundle.

"require": {
  "aeyoll/symfony-php-spec-generator-bundle": "dev-master"

Next, use Composer to update your project from the the Terminal:

php composer.phar update

You can also use the require command from Composer:

composer require aeyoll/symfony-php-spec-generator-bundle

Once the package has been installed, you'll need to add the bundle to your kernel. Open your app/AppKernel.php configuration file, and add new Aeyoll\SymfonyPhpSpecGeneratorBundle\AeyollSymfonyPhpSpecGeneratorBundle(), to the bundle list.