A small library to handle currencies and money values

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The Adsmurai Currency library has been developed to solve some currency and architecture related problems:

  • Currency data centralization
  • Values encapsulation
  • Representation
  • Extra precision to represent very small currency amounts.
  • Conversions


Install it through composer, that's it:

composer require adsmurai/currency

Code examples


use Adsmurai\Currency\Contracts\Currency;
use Adsmurai\Currency\CurrencyFactory;
use Adsmurai\Currency\MoneyFactoriesLocator;
use Adsmurai\Currency\MoneyFactory;

// This factory will create Currency objects given the currency ISO code.
// By default, it will load the currency data from a library's internal data
// source, but we can use alternative data sources.
$currencyFactory = CurrencyFactory::fromDataPath();
$currencyFactory = CurrencyFactory::fromDataArray([
    'EUR' => [
        'numFractionalDigits' => 2,
        'symbol' => '',
        'symbolPlacement' => Currency::AFTER_PLACEMENT,
    'USD' => [
        'numFractionalDigits' => 2,
        'symbol' => '$',
        'symbolPlacement' => Currency::BEFORE_PLACEMENT,

// This factory will create Money objects with the same currency type.
// The rationale behind this class is that almost always we'll work with the
// same currency type.
$moneyFactory = new MoneyFactory(

// In fact, to avoid introducing hard dependencies on the factory implementation
// through the instantiation (via the `new` operator), we recommend to obtain
// the `MoneyFactory` instances through the `MoneyFactoriesLocator`.
// This will have some advantages:
//   * We can inject instances of the `MoneyFactoriesLocator` contract in our
//     domain logic without having to rely on specific implementations.
//   * We can avoid `MoneyFactory` instances proliferation, since this
//     factories locator keeps one single instances per currency ISO code.
$moneyFactoriesLocator = new MoneyFactoriesLocator($currencyFactory);
$moneyFactory = $moneyFactoriesLocator->getMoneyFactory('EUR');

// We have many ways to construct Money objects, depending on the data we
// have at the time.
$money = $moneyFactory->buildFromString('10.57');
$money = $moneyFactory->buildFromString('10.57€'); // Look! it will validate the symbol too :)
$money = $moneyFactory->buildFromString('10.57 €');
$money = $moneyFactory->buildFromString('10.57EUR'); // Look! it will validate the ISO code too :)
$money = $moneyFactory->buildFromString('10.57 EUR');
$money = $moneyFactory->buildFromFloat(10.57);
$money = $moneyFactory->buildFromFractionalUnits(1057);

// If we want to format a currency value, we can use a specific method, that
// will take into account the number of digits, symbol, symbol placement...
echo $money->format();


We haven't faced any interesting problem related with this library, if you are struggling to make it work, open an issue on the issue tracker (and we'll update this section).