PHP mime type and extension mapping library: compatible with Symfony, powered by jshttp/mime-db

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PHP mime type and extension mapping library: built with jshttp/mime-db, compatible with Symfony and Laravel.

use MimeTyper\Repository\MimeDbRepository;

$mimeRepository = new MimeDbRepository();

$mimeRepository->findExtensions("image/jpeg"); // ["jpeg","jpg","jpe"]
$mimeRepository->findExtension("image/jpeg"); // "jpeg"

$mimeRepository->findType("html"); // "html"
$mimeRepository->findType("js"); // 'application/javascript'

The most complete and up-to-date mime type mapping for PHP!

The goal is to provide a complete and up-to-date mime types mapping for PHP and build a comprehensive and simple interface for PHP. This package is heavily inspired from dflydev work and extends it.

Mime types mapping, the right way.

This library uses jshttp/mime-db as its default mapping which aggregates data from multiple sources and creates a single db.json making it the most complete two ways mapping, from mime to extension and extension to mime types too.

Custom mime types and custom repositories

Some custom types (aliases really) are maintained locally too, in the same JSON format as jshttp/mime-db.

use MimeTyper\Repository\ExtendedRepository;

$mimeRepostory = new ExtendedRepository();

$mimeRepository->findExtensions("text/x-php"); // ["php", "php2", "php3", "php4", "php5"]

$mimeRepository->findTypes("php"); // ["text/x-php", "application/x-php", "text/php", "application/php", "application/x-httpd-php"]
$mimeRepository->findType("php"); // "text/x-php"

The reason to maintain aliases locally helps with overall compatibility between mime type guessing methods. Tools detecting mime types don't always return standard mime type or the standard mime type does not exist. All of those custom mime types might be added to jshttp/mime-db custom types in the end.

Example: Debian will detect a PHP file as text/x-php while browsers will send application/x-httpd-php. It goes the same with files such as Javascript (application/javascript vs text/javascript) or Microsoft Office / Libre Office files.

Don't hesitate to make a pull request to discuss this.

Mime types for Symfony and Laravel

This library is compatible with your Symfony or Laravel app to enjoy the completeness of the mapping.

Use the ExtraMimeTypeExtensionGuesser as a bridge class between Symfony ExtensionGuesser and this package RepositoryInterface.

use Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\File\MimeType\ExtensionGuesser;

use MimeTyper\Repository\ExtendedRepository;
use MimeTyper\Symfony\ExtraMimeTypeExtensionGuesser;

$symfonyGuesser = ExtensionGuesser::getInstance();
$extraGuesser = new ExtraMimeTypeExtensionGuesser(
    new ExtendedRepository()

This example uses the ExtendedRepository (mime-db and local custom mime types), you can use the default MimeDbRepository, implement your own or use a CompositeRepository to aggregate multiple repostories.

Safe detection of mime type in PHP

Before mapping type to extension or extension to type, you need to be able to properly detect the mime type of a file.

For security reasons, do not trust browsers, eg $_FILES['your_file']['type'], when it comes to detect the mime type of a file.

To safely detect the mime type of a file, . Symfony is giving a great example with their MimeTypeGuesser implementation of:

It all ends up inspecting the file using finfo and relies on magic db files. PHP will use its own magic db or your system magic db depending on your environement.

Other PHP libraries for mime types

  • dflydev/dflydev-apache-mime-types

    Uses mime.types Apache file, comprehensive api. As stated before, php-mimetyper is heavily inspired by this, extending it to be a bit more complete using an external mapping and a wider interface.

  • symfony/http-foundation

    Symfony provides a nice interface for guessing mime types and extensions but uses only a local mapping based on Apache registry, see above to bridge it to this package.

  • davidpersson/mm

    Library for media processing and mime type and extension guessing. Uses FreeDesktop magic.db file for the latter.

  • Hoa/Mime

    The Hoa package to deal with mime types. Uses mime.types Apache file (local fallback) and relies on static methods.

  • karwana/php-mime

    Uses mime.types Apache file and finfo, requires PHP >=5.4.

  • PEAR/MIME_Type

    Detect the mime type of a file: uses internally finfo_file, mime_content_type or file command to guess the mime type.