A minimal service provider to set up and use the Mailchimp Api v2 PHP library in Laravel 5.*

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A minimal service provider to set up and use the Mailchimp API v2 PHP library in Laravel v5.*

For Laravel v4 check

Please note that Mailchimp API v2 is deprecated from jan 1st 2017. This package uses the v2 API, because it relies on the Mailchimp PHP API Client.

How it works

This package contains a service provider, which binds an instance of an initialized Mailchimp client to the IoC-container.

You recieve the Mailchimp client through depencency injection already set up with your own API key.

Usage example

class NewsletterManager
	protected $mailchimp;
	protected $listId = '1234567890';        // Id of newsletter list

	 * Pull the Mailchimp-instance from the IoC-container.
	public function __construct(\Mailchimp $mailchimp)
		$this->mailchimp = $mailchimp;

	 * Access the mailchimp lists API
     * for more info check ""
	public function addEmailToList($email)
		try {
					['email' => $email]
        } catch (\Mailchimp_List_AlreadySubscribed $e) {
        	// do something
        } catch (\Mailchimp_Error $e) {
        	// do something

Or you can manually instantiate the Mailchimp client by using:

$mailchimp = app('Mailchimp');


Step 1: Adding the dependency to composer.json

Add this to your composer.json in your Laravel folder. Note: Adding this dependency will automatically setup "mailchimp/mailchimp": "~2.0" too.

"require": {
    "skovmand/mailchimp-laravel": "1.*",

Step 2: Register the service provider

Register the service provider in config/app.php by inserting into the providers array

'providers' => [

Step 3: From the command-line run

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Skovmand\Mailchimp\MailchimpServiceProvider"

This will publish config/mailchimp.php to your config folder.

Step 4: Edit your .env file

for more info check ""


Good to go!