This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the dnadesign/dna-recipe-theme-default package instead.

DNA's default theme recipe

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Recipe for the dna default theme. Includes:

Provided by [silverstripe/recipe-core]:

  • framework: Module including the base framework
  • config: Core config library
  • assets: Filesystem module

This can be either added to an existing project or used as a project base.


Silverstripe 4.


To start a project with this recipe run:

composer create-project dnadesign/dna-recipe-theme-default ./testrecipe dev-master

to move the cms recipe dep to your own composer file in order to modify them use:

composer update-recipe silverstripe/recipe-cms

To add this recipe to an existing project:

composer require dnadesign/dna-recipe-theme-default ./testrecipe dev-master

and then run update-recipe as above if you wish to inline it.