Fix/repair truncated JSON data

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v0.0.3 2020-12-30 01:03 UTC

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Last update: 2021-10-30 01:46:32 UTC


PHP library to fix Truncated JSON data by padding contextual counterpart to the end. Works with PHP5.4 or above.

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It is a work in progress and might not cover all edge cases. It would be great if you try it out, open some issues or contribute.


composer require adhocore/json-fixer


use Ahc\Json\Fixer;

$json = (new Fixer)->fix('{"a":1,"b":2');
// {"a":1,"b":2}

$json = (new Fixer)->fix('{"a":1,"b":true,');
// {"a":1,"b":true}

$json = (new Fixer)->fix('{"b":[1,[{"b":1,"c"');
// {"b":[1,[{"b":1,"c":null}]]}

// For batch fixing, you can just reuse same fixer instance:
$fixer = new Fixer;

// ...


If there's error and fixer cant fix the JSON for some reason, it will throw a RuntimeException. You can disable this behavior by passing silent flag (2nd param) to fix() in which case original input is returned:

(new Fixer)->silent()->fix('invalid');
// 'invalid'

(new Fixer)->silent(true)->fix('invalid');
// 'invalid'

(new Fixer)->silent(false)->fix('invalid');
// RuntimeException

Missing Value

By default missing values are padded with null. You can change it passing desired value to missingValue():

// key b is missing value and is padded with `null`
$json = (new Fixer)->fix('{"a":1,"b":');
// {"a":1,"b":null}

// key b is missing value and is padded with `true`
$json = (new Fixer)->missingValue(true)->fix('{"a":1,"b":');
// {"a":1,"b":true}

// key b is missing value and is padded with `"truncated"`
// Note that you can actually inject a whole new JSON subset as 3rd param
// but that should be a valid JSON segment and is not checked by fixer.
$json = (new Fixer)->missingValue('"truncated"')->fix('{"a":1,"b":');
// {"a":1,"b":"truncated"}


  • Configurable missing value as per context (options)