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HTML from Markdown.

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htmlup is ultra lightweight and uber speedy markdown to html parser written in PHP. Concept - it splits the markdown into lines and parses to markup one by one, finally applies markdown syntaxes on the markup. It supports most of the markdown as in specs.


Run composer require adhocore/htmlup



use Ahc\HtmlUp;

// require '/path/to/vendor/autoload.php';

// Defaults to 4 space indentation.
echo new Ahc\HtmlUp($markdownText);

// Force 2 space indentation.
echo new HtmlUp($markdownText, 2);

// Also possible:
echo (new Htmlup)->parse($markdownText);



It provides limited support to deep nested elements, supported items are:

  • lists inside lists
  • blockquotes inside blockcodes
  • lists inside blockquotes

raw html

you can throw in your raw html but with a blank line at start and end to delimit the block at like so-



supports GFM table syntax, example:

a | b | c
--- |----| ---
1 | 2  |3
 4| 5 | 6

is rendered as:

a b c
1 2 3
4 5 6


  • make robust, and provide full support of spec
  • handle markdown table syntax
  • markdown extra however, is not planned :(


  • fork and pull request for patch/fix
  • create issue for breaking bugs and severe markdown spec violation
  • please check the guide


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