PHP Rest API client for Polr Project

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Last update: 2021-11-30 16:36:06 UTC


This package is a PHP client API library for open source project Polr Project. It supports all APIs from Polr v2.2.0. Pull requests and improvement suggestions are welcome.
Note: If you are working with Symfony, use this instead.

Installation via composer

In your console, navigate to your project directory and execute the following command to download the latest stable version of this package:

$ composer require adeelnawaz/polr-api-client


(see examples/ directory for PHP example code for each API method)

In order to use the API, instantiate an object of PolrApi. Upon instantiation of the object, the following have to be provided:

  • the URL to the API
  • the secret key of the user
  • the quota of the user

After instantiating the API, create DTO object(s) (DTO\Link, etc) for the method you intend to use and call the method. This will result in calling the respective REST API endpoint and returning the relative DTO\Response object.
(See Docblocks of the PolrApi methods for further information on input/output DTOs)

In case of a failed API call, the PolrApi methods throw ApiResponseException. The exception has getters for code, message, and a machine readable short string error_code returned by the Polr REST API.


// Register composer spl autoload
$autoloader = require __DIR__ . '/../vendor/autoload.php';

// Instantiate PolrApi object
$api = new \Adeelnawaz\PolrApiClient\PolrApi(

// Prepare DTO for API method input
$link = new \Adeelnawaz\PolrApiClient\DTO\Link();

try {
     * @var \Adeelnawaz\PolrApiClient\DTO\Response\Link $responseLink
    $responseLink = $api->shortenLink($link);

} catch (\Adeelnawaz\PolrApiClient\Exception\ApiResponseException $e) {
    echo "Error: ({$e->getCode()} - {$e->getErrorCode()}) \"{$e->getMessage()}\"\n";

The Quota is requests per second. Specify the right quota for the key/user otherwise you might run into API overuse, resulting in exceptions. Set 0 for unlimited


The response object for each method is either a DTO or array of DTOs from \Adeelnawaz\PolrApiClient\DTO\Response namespace. Please see API method docblocks for applicable response DTO for each method.

Error Response

In case of an error the API methods throw Adeelnawaz\PolrApiClient\Exception\ApiResponseException. The valuable information contained within the exception includes

  • getCode() - returns the status code returned by Polr API. See Polr documentation for possible codes
  • getMessage() - returns the error message returned by Polr API
  • getErrorCode() - returns the machine readable short error string such as QUOTA_EXCEEDED