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template manager

dev-master 2013-04-18 08:21 UTC

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Last update: 2020-05-24 15:19:26 UTC


Backend output manager for the browser


return array(
	'providers' => 'Adamsmeat\Output\OutputServiceProvider',
	'aliases' => array(
		'Output' => 'Adamsmeat\Output\OutputFacade',


Chain the following methods to return Illuminate\View\View object

  • setTheme() No need to call if you did not create any new theme.
  • cfg() When you need to modify this's packages config by passing an array.
  • sendView() returns the final view based off runtime config

Global variables

Access in view files through the g('key') or Output::g(key) function which is the array set in output::config file with key 'globals'.

It can be access through $g array but to eliminate errors, escaping, etc, we will use helper functions


  1. keys - avoid special characters(.,-) on identifiers that are meant to be names of variable, functions, etc.
  2. namespace - keep namespacing at all times if possible, if one can be placed under a category, by all means, do so