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etcd client with minimal dependencies

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etcd is a distributed configuration system, part of the coreos project.

This repository provides a client library for etcd for PHP applications. It is based on linkorb/etcd-php. To learn why we forked it, jump here.

Installating etcd

To install etcd, follow instructions that etcd team posts on Releases page of the project:

Installing ActiveCollab/etcd

Easiest way is to install it using composer:

    "require" : {
        "activecollab/etcd": "^1.0"

Using Client

use use ActiveCollab\Etcd\Client as EtcdClient;

$client = new EtcdClient('');

// Get, set, update, remove key
if (!$client->exists('/key/name')) {
    $client->set('/key/name', 'value');
$client->set('/key/name', 'value', 10); // Set TTL
print $client->get('/key/name');

$client->update('/key/name', 'new value');


// Working with dirs
if (!$client->dirExists('/dir/path')) {
$client->updateDir('/dir/path', 10); // Set TTL

// Get dir info

// List subdirectories

// Return key value map for a given dir

Sandbox Path

If you configure sandbox path in the client instance, all keys will be prefixed with that path:

$client = new EtcdClient('');

$client->set('/key/name', 'value'); // will set /my/namespace/key/name
print $client->get('/key/name'); // will print /my/namespace/key/name

One more conenient method that client offers is option to call several commands in a specific sanbox, and have client revert back to the previous sandbox path when done:

$client = new EtcdClient('');

// Path relative to the current sandbox path
$client->sandboxed('./different/namespace', function(EtcdClient &$c) {
    $c->set('new_key', 123); // Sets /my/namespace/different/namespace/new_key

// Absolute path
$client->sandboxed('/different/namespace', function(EtcdClient &$c) {
    $c->set('new_key', 123); // Sets /different/namespace/new_key

print $client->getSandboxPath(); // Prints '/my/namespace'


Client can be configured not to verify SSL peer:

$client = (new Client(''))->verifySslPeer(false);

as well as to use a custom CA file:

$client = (new Client(''))->verifySslPeer(true, '/path/to/ca/file');

Why Fork?

While original library works well, it depends on two big packages: Symfony Console and Guzzle. For a feature as low level as config access, we wanted something a bit nimbler, so we removed CLI commands and refactored the original library to use PHP's curl extension.