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Checking Code Quality


Checks are grouped into two groups:

  1. Fixers - they check and modify the code. Modified files are automatically staged,
  2. Analyzers - they check the code, perform analysis without changing the code.

Intnetion for this type of separation is to clearly communicate what user can expect from a particular check.

Running Checks Before each Commit

In order to add quality code checker as mandatory step prior to code being committed, you can use pre-commit hook. Open:

vi .git/hooks/pre-commit

and put:


$qc_file_path = dirname(__DIR__, 2) . '/.php_qc.php';

if (is_file($qc_file_path)) {
    print "Quality checker found at {$qc_file_path}. Running checks...\n\n";

    try {
        $quality_checker = require_once $qc_file_path;
    } catch (\Throwable $e) {
} else {
    print "Quality checker not found at {$qc_file_path}\n";


Don't forget to set pre-commit hook as executable:

chmod +x .git/hooks/pre-commit