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phpMorphy --- morphological analyzer library for Russian, English, German and Ukrainian languages.
acrossoffwest/morphy-wrapper is Laravel wrapper for phpMorphy library with PHP7.4 support.

Source website (in russian): SF project:
Wrapper on Github:

This library allow retireve follow morph information for any word:

  • Base (normal) form
  • All forms
  • Grammatical (part of speech, grammems) information


Via Composer

$ composer require acrossoffwest/morphy-wrapper

Easy way for usage Russian language

Get a word in necessary form

echo morphy_get_word_by_case('Москва', ['ПР']);
// Output: москве

Get all forms of a word

echo morphy_get_word_by_case('Фитнес', ['ПР'], [
   'фитнес' => [
       'ПР' => 'фитнесе'
// Output: фитнесе

Usage another languages

If you wanna use another languages you have to use Acrossoffwest\MorphyWrapper\Morphy class

use Acrossoffwest\MorphyWrapper\Morphy;

$morphy = new Morphy('en');
echo $morphy->getPseudoRoot('FIGHTY');
// Output: