The short runner for docker-compose

8.0.4 2021-04-01 00:07 UTC


composer global require acrossoffwest/laravel-docker-compose
Run docker-compose command from base path of Laravel project

The docker-compose files should be in directory: ./docker


Run docker-compose up -d

ldc run

It's like

cd ./docker && docker-compose up -d

Run docker-compose kill

ldc kill

It's like

cd ./docker && docker-compose kill

And run docker-compose {some command}

ldc cmd {some command}

Restart docker-compose kill {container?} && docker-compose up -d {container?}

ldc restart {container?}

container - optional argument, container name. If container empty then will be restart all containers.

Interactive login into docker container with bash command docker exec -ti {container_name} bash

ldc bash {--container= : Container name, Optional} {--filter= : Filter, Optional}

Initialization new laravel project with docker settings in base directory(from ./docker)

ldc init:laravel {name} {--e=* : Environment variables for Laravel project} {--ed=* : Environment variables for Docker}