A light weight Laravel package for simple operations with mp3 files

1.0.3 2016-08-30 13:26 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-07-06 18:44:35 UTC



Laravel Package to help you work with mp3 files easily. Simple yet powerful. Built on the getID3


PHP 5.5+ or HHVM 3.3+, and Composer are required.

Via Composer

$ composer require acekyd/laravelmp3

Another alternative is to simply add the following line to the require block of your composer.json file.

"acekyd/laravelmp3": "1.*"

Then run composer install or composer update to download it and have the autoloader updated.

Add this to your providers array in config/app.php

// Laravel 5.2: config/app.php

'providers' => [

This package also comes with a facade

// Laravel 5: config/app.php

'aliases' => [
    'LaravelMP3' => Acekyd\LaravelMP3\LaravelMP3Facade::class,


Laravel MP3 requires you to pass only one argument which is the filepath. Can be done during or after upload. Use it in your controllers to get the data you might need.

Add it to your controller if needed

	use LaravelMP3;
	$file = $request->file('music');
	$details = LaravelMP3::getBitrate($file); //This returns the bitrate of the music file


  • getAlbum($path) //This returns the Album name
  • getArtist($path) //This returns the Artist name
  • getBitrate($path) //This returns the bitrate
  • getDuration($path) //This returns the playtime duration of the mp3 e.g 00:03:45
  • getFormat($path) //This returns the file format e.g mp3
  • getGenre($path) //This returns the audio genre
  • getMime($path) //This returns the mime type e.d "audio/mpeg"
  • getTitle($path) //This returns the Title/Name of audio file
  • getTrackNo($path) //This returns the Album track no of an audio file
  • getYear($path) //This returns the Album year of an audio file
  • isLossless($path) //This returns true or false if the audio file is lossless



The GPL License.