A starter HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework/guideline for ACDH web applications, as a WordPress theme.

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Fundament WP

A starter HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework/guideline for ACDH web applications, as a WordPress theme.

Table of contents


The most recent stable version can be found under releases.

Moreover the project is currently under constant development.


  • Clone or copy into your WordPress directory wp-content/themes/
  • You may also upload the theme as a .zip file from the WordPress dashboard.
  • Activate the theme and make your changes mainly using the Customizer (Appearance > Customizer on WordPress dashboard)

What's included

├── css/
│   └── assets.min.css (Fundament base CSS)
├── js/
│   └── assets.min.js (Fundament base JS)
└── style.css (Fundament theme CSS)

Tips for creating your project website

  • Find a name and create a logo preferably with a transparent background and export as .svg or .png
  • Sketch or make a list of the main pages and the structure your website / application (remember Shneiderman’s Mantra)
  • Write must-have textual content such as "About the project, Team, Contact, Publications, Downloads" etc. in a text editor of your choice.
  • Think about creating some introductory content (spell out the abbreviations!) to show on the primary section of your home page (i.e hero area)
  • Develop main functionality of your application with your favourite server side language and use only basic HTML and CSS for the user interface
  • Download Fundament or Fundament-WP and create a new website instance
  • Add your project's title, logo, hero area content and information pages
  • Create separate pages for your application's views and integrate your application into the HTML body of Fundament
  • Check out Fundament's example pages and Bootstrap-4 for which CSS classes to use and adapt your components
  • Create and enqueue additional .css and .js files to overwrite / extend existing styles or functionality

Recommended Plugins

Fundament Extended Footer

If you have to add extra info into the footer center area (for example: project partner logos), then you can use this footer. Steps:

  • Go to Appearance/Customize/Imprint and Footer and Turn off the "Use Fundament Footer"
  • Go to Appearance/Widgets
  • Drag and Drop a "text" or a "Custom HTML" widget inside the "Fundament Extended Footer" section

HERO Static Section Translate

You can also translate the hero static title, text and button. For this you need to do the following steps:

  • Install and enable Polylang plugin.((
  • Open Theme Customization/Homepage Hero Block and here check the "Hero Section Translation" checkbox. Publish the changes.
  • Now under the Admin/Languages/String translations you can find the 'fundament_wp_hero_dynamic_title', 'fundament_wp_hero_dynamic_text' and the 'fundament_wp_hero_dynamic_button' translation sections. In these sections you can find all the available languages from your site and you can translate them.


  • Under you redmine issue, please fill the ImprintParams and then go to your theme settings/Imprint and Footer/Imprint: Redmine issue ID. Here add your redmine issue id.
  • Add a new page called Imprint and in the right block side under the Page/Template, select the Imprint Page template and save it.


  • Go to your theme settings/Imprint and Footer menupoint, and here you can find the Matomo ID. Please enter your Matomo Id and press the Publish button.