A SwiftMailer transport implementation for Mandrill

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A SwiftMailer transport implementation for Mandrill

If you'd like us to implement more Mandrill-specific features, let us know by submitting an issue.


Require the package with composer

composer require accord/mandrill-swiftmailer

Usage Example

$transport = new MandrillTransport($dispatcher);
$transport->setAsync(true); # Optional

Using Mandrill-specific Features

Asynchronous Mode

Enable a background sending mode that is optimized for bulk sending


Auto Text

Automatically generate a text part for messages that are not given text

$message->getHeaders()->addTextHeader('X-MC-Autotext', true);

Google Analytics tracking

Mandrill supports automatic Google Analytics tracking for your links. docs

$message->getHeaders()->addTextHeader('X-MC-GoogleAnalytics', ',');
// optional defaults to from address
$message->getHeaders()->addTextHeader('X-MC-GoogleAnalyticsCampaign', 'campaign');


An array of string to tag the message with

$message->getHeaders()->addTextHeader('X-MC-Tags', 'foo, bar');

Inline CSS

Automatically inline all CSS styles provided in the message HTML - only for HTML documents less than 256KB in size

$message->getHeaders()->addTextHeader('X-MC-InlineCSS', true);

List Unsubscribe

Mandrill automatically adds a List-Unsubscribe header to all emails that include a Mandrill-generated unsubscribe link. If recipients use an email program that supports the List-Unsubscribe header (like Hotmail, AOL, or Yahoo), they can use the option in their email program to unsubscribe.

$message->getHeaders()->addTextHeader('List-Unsubscribe', '<>');