Search engine optimization checks for Magerun CLI

0.1 2016-05-06 12:30 UTC

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Last update: 2020-05-27 04:33:05 UTC


Release - Version 0.1

This is an extension for the Netz98 Magerun CLI Tool. It allows you to check the search engine optimization for any site. The current stable build performs the following checks:

  • Meta tags
  • Sitemap.xml
  • Check Robots.txt
  • Various ranking stats such as Google page rank, Alexa rank, etc..
  • Domain age with WHOIS info
  • Web Server Rewrites
  • JavaScript merged
  • CSS merged
  • Google Analytics found
  • CSS minification
  • Javascript minification
  • ALT attributes
  • Page size XXXXX KB
  • Image(s) size XXXXX KB
  • Gzip enabled


From the n98-magerun/modules directory (see Where can modules be placed?):

###With composer:

composer require accoladefi-seo-checkup

###With git:

git clone


magerun seo:check

Performs an internal check on an existing Magento installation, allowing for a more complete scan due to database/file system access.

magerun seo:check <URL>

Performs an external check on any given URL. This method doesn't provide as much information due to limited access.


All contributions are welcome! In order to streamline development, please fork the dev branch and make a pull request when you are ready to submit your code. When making contributions, we ask that you please consider the following:

  • Commits should be frequent and small
  • Commits must have detailed messages about what is being changed
  • Pull requests should address only one issue or new feature



  • Storeviews with hreflang
  • H1 Check - Not missing / Only one H1 on page (whats the value in there)
  • How many internal / external links on page
  • URLs work with HTTP or HTTPS, but not both.
  • Site uses https / http2
  • Meta Tags
    • Title
      • Length: 31 characters
      • Max length: 60 characters
    • Keywords
      • Count: 4 keywords
      • Length: 39 characters
    • Description
      • Length: 160 characters
  • Magento caches enabled
  • Varnish enabled
  • PageSpeed enabled
  • Plagiarism / Duplicate Content check
  • Options:
    • Generate report as PDF file
    • Website screen preview
  • Domain IP blacklist checker

###Advertising Feed ad:feed

  • Generate Google Feed

###SEO Crawl


  • crawl pages from sitemap.xml
  • give overall report, summary on screen and report in PDF
  • Options
    • crawl X amount of pages
    • crawl certain types of pages (product, category),
    • have regex filtering of what named pages...
  • Microdata
  • Analytics Scripts

###SEO Monitor seo:monitor

  • can be put to cron to alert about change like robotx.txt changes and alerts
  • Offline / Online checker
  • Changes in robots.txt
  • HTTP Responses, 404, 503, 301 etc.
  • Domain canonical setup – www vs non-www
  • Sub-domain auto discovery
  • Malware status alerts
  • Domain expiry
  • disallow
  • noindex
  • sitespeed

###Social stats checker some:check

###Security Monitor security:check


  • admin URL changed
  • downloader URL protected
  • file permissions correct

###Performance Check / Monitor perf:check