AbuseIO module for ip lookups in Ripe.

1.0.2 2016-08-16 09:28 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-09-22 23:18:30 UTC


findcontact module for IP lookups using the Ripe Stat Api


composer require abuseio/findcontact-ripe

Use the findcontact-ripe module

copy the extra/config/main.php to the config override directory of your environment (e.g. production)


cp vendor/abuseio/findcontact-ripe/extra/config/main.php config/production/main.php


cp vendor/abuseio/findcontact-ripe/extra/config/main.php config/development/main.php

add the following line to providers array in the file config/app.php:



It is highly recommended to use an RIPEStat application id for the API requests, see RIPEStat rules of usage. You can config it in $ABUSEIOPATH/vendor/abuseio/findcontact-ripe/config.

Replace the null value in 'appid' => null, with your application id, e.g.


return [
    'findcontact-ripe' => [
        // it is highly recommended to use an application id in production environments
        // see https://stat.ripe.net/docs/data_api
        'appid'          => 'MyAppId,
        'enabled'        => true,
        'auto_notify'    => false,