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2.3.0 2018-03-16 10:27 UTC


JWT Authentication Guard

Enable in project

  1. Add Absolvent\api\Providers\AuthServiceProvider to config/app.php providers.
  2. Create config/jwt.php similar to config/jwt.php in this bundle
  3. Change defaults.guard to jwt in config/auth.php
  4. Add
'jwt' => [
    'driver' => 'jwt',
    'provider' => 'users',

to guards in config/auth.php

  1. Add JWT_SECRET variable to .env (eq. JWT_SECRET=SvfJknJLYWwvadkCLVE7HIzn2JpWDkXv)

NOTE: JWT_SECRET should be te same as in microservice-users


Generally all Laravel authorization and authentication functionality should work out of the box when JwtAuthenticationGuard is configured properly.

Get jwt token / user information

use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Auth;

$user = Auth::user(); // returns JwtUser or null
$user = Auth::authenticate() // returns JwtUser or throws Exception
$jwtToken = Auth::getName(); // returns jwt token
$userSub = Auth::id(); // returns user email (jwt token `sub` claim)

User information are taken from jwt token so there are very basic. To get extended user information you have to issue call to microservice-users.

Permission based endpoint authentication

Add permission or can middleware to endpoint controller

class EndpointController extends \Absolvent\api\Http\Controller
    public function __construct()
    // ...

In above example only user with TALENTDAYS_ADMIN or TALENTDAYS_AREA can access the endpoint

Allow sending PATH requests with multipart-form content type

Add Absolvent\api\Http\Middleware\PreparePatchMultiPartForm to Absolvent\api\Http\Kernel::$middleware

Make sure that PreparePatchMultiPartForm is after ValidatePostSize