A PHP process control library

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A PHP process control library.

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The interface

The ControllerInterface defines the method doExit() that indicates whether to exist a process.

interface ControllerInterface
     * Indicates whether to exit a process
     * @return boolean
    public function doExit();

The PcntlController

The PcntlController listens to PCNTL events to determine whether to exit a process.

    $stopsignals = array(SIGTERM);
    $logger = new Psr\Log\NullLogger();
    $controller = new PcntlController($stopsignals, $logger);
        // do something

The ChainController

The ChainController executes multiple controllers in a chain to determine whether to exit a process.

The NullController

The NullController never indicates to exit a process.

Note: This controller can be used as fallback controller for the PcntlController in runtime environments where PCNTL functions to not exist.