Laravel 4 package to integrate with After-Ship API

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Using Composer

 "require": {
        "abishekrsrikaanth/aftership-laravel": "1.0"

Update composer:

$ php composer.phar update

Add the provider to your app/config/app.php:

'providers' => array(

and the Facade info on app/config/app.php

'aliases'   => array(
	'AfterShip'      => 'Abishekrsrikaanth\Aftership\Facades\Aftership',

Publish the Configuration and setup the config with the credentials of the different email providers

php artisan config:publish abishekrsrikaanth/aftership-laravel


Getting an instance of the Courier Object

$courier = AfterShip::Couriers();
$response = $courier->get();


Getting an instance of the Tracking Object

$tracking = AfterShip::Tracking();
$response = $tracking->get($options);

####Webhooks Setup This library has in-built support to easily configure the webhook notifications of Aftership. To configure the Webhook Route, open the published configuration file and setup the following configurations.

'web_hook' => array(
		'enabled'   => true,                    //Set this to true to enable Web hook Route
		'route_url' => '/wehbooks/aftership',   //Setup the Route Url that has been configured on Aftership Control Panel
		'listener'  => array(
			'type'             => 'event',      //Can be "event" or "queue"
			'handler'          => '',           //Handler to be called when the Webhook notification is received
			'queue_name'       => '',           //Used only if the type == "queue"
			'queue_connection' => ''            //To be used if a connection based queue needs to be used