Tournament planner

0.5 2017-06-07 21:07 UTC



Tournament planner and scheduler

This web application will take as input :

  • An event details (name, date...)
  • A list of teams that will participate in the said event
  • A list of available grounds where to play

Then the user will create the first phase of the game, with two possible rules :

  • Round-robin : each team plays against each other team in the same pool
  • Brackets : each team plays another one; each winner play another winner, and so on...


Once given the teams, grounds and number of pools (group of teams), the application will:

  • Automatically dispatch the teams into pools
  • Let the user fine tune manually this dispatch
  • Provide a printable schedule
  • Provide printable game sheets ready to be filled
  • Enable the user to type in results
  • Provide printable rankings

Once the first phase is over, the user can create another one (and so on...).

Planned features

  • Ability to add games manually
  • Ability to remove games manually
  • Ability to order teams
  • Dispatch by order

Server Installation


  • Install docker
  • Download and run the application :
$ docker run -d --name kyjoukan -p 8043:80 abienvenu/kyjoukan


You can install Kyjoukan like in the good old days. This is quiet a longer way though...

$ php composer.phar require "abienvenu/kyjoukan":"dev-master"
  • Add Kyjoukan in your AppKernel.php, and also load StofDoctrineExtensionsBundle :
// app/AppKernel.php

public function registerBundles()
    $bundles = array(
        // ...
        new Abienvenu\KyjoukanBundle\KyjoukanBundle(),
        new Stof\DoctrineExtensionsBundle\StofDoctrineExtensionsBundle(),
  • Include the route from your app/config/routing.yml :
    resource: "@KyjoukanBundle/Resources/config/routing.yml"
    prefix: /kyjoukan
  • Also activate sluggable in your app/config/config.yml :
            sluggable: true


  • v0.5 : Improved warning display + shuffling bugfixes
  • v0.4 : Added the "Cumulative Ranking" rule
  • v0.3 : Do not call remote CDN, so that Kyjoukan can work without Internet access
  • v0.2 : Dockerization
  • v0.1 : First working version