Language recognition and redirection middleware for TYPO3

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This extension implements a PSR-15 middleware that matches the Accept-Language HTTP header from a request with available site languages.

The results of the matching can then be used to redirect a client automatically to it's favourite language. In this case, a cookie is used to prevent redirection loops.

Redirection can be disabled though. In this case, the results of the matching will be made available as Aspect through the TYPO3 Context API.

While this extension is pretty zero-configuration, it offers some basic switches to fiddle with.


System requirements

Language Matcher PHP TYPO3
1.0 7.2 9.5 LTS, 10.4 LTS

Extension Installation

Install with Composer:

composer require aaw-team/language_matcher

Or, if you don't use composer, download and install the extension in TYPO3 Extension Manager.




GNU General Public License v2.0 or later


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