Laravel Framework and Tools

1.8.4 2019-08-18 04:02 UTC


My Laravel boot up framework that I use to scaffold projects.

Development Notes

For these, you can run bin/dev/artisan or bin/dev/composer if you're using the Docker configuration.

Unit Testing

composer test for tests (you can also use bin/dev/test followed by any PHPUnit arguments to run the test in docker container)

composer test-coverage to generate HTML coverage in tests/html-coverage

vendor/bin/phpunit to access it for specific reasons

npm run test for Javascript tests

IDE Helper

composer ide-helper-update

PHP Lines of Code Generation

composer phploc generates lines of code output in docs/phploc.txt

PHP Copy Paste Detection

composer phpcpd

PHP Code Sniffer

composer phpcs does a report to standard out based on PSR12

JS Lines of Code

npm run jsloc generates lines of code output in docs/jsloc.txt

Laravel Boot Automated Functions

  • Install Laravel from the create-project format
  • Copies over .env.example to .env
  • Copies over docker-compose.yml.example to docker-compose.yml