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Social project template for testing profiles.

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This is a composer based installer for the Open Social distribution.


  1. Composer

It's just composer, isn't it awesome? :)

Installation of Open Social

composer create-project goalgorilla/social_template:dev-master DIRECTORY --no-interaction

Composer will create a new directory called DIRECTORY. The installed folders will contain all Drupal related files in the html directory and any third-party dependencies in the composer vendor directory. Drupal core will be installed to html/core. Inside you will find the html directory with the entire code base of the Open Social distribution. Install your Open Social site like any other Drupal website using the install.php script or drush.

Learn more about Composer for Drupal

Checkout this presentation from @ModsUnraveled.


Install issues for Open Social


Installing outside of HTML folder

See this issue for more information

Open Social issues & Support

For any issues with the platform we kindly ask you to use the drupal.org issue queue. This way we can centralise all the information and make the feedback available for other users for documentation purposes. Next to giving people the credit they deserve.


If you have a quick question, we are also available on Slack. Visit https://www.drupal.org/slack to see how you can join Drupal Slack. After that you can find us in the #opensocial channel. We try to keep an eye on this channel but it may take a bit of time to get to you. For bug reports or longer questions, please use the Issue queue on Drupal.org so others can find the answers too.