Dispatch versioned assets.

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composer require a3gz/assets-dispatcher 

How to use

Please, check out the included demo.

What does it do?

Assets Dispatcher offers a way to easily minify-and-cache-once Javascript and CSS assets on-the-fly.

The full sized assets don't need to be below public_html; the PHP dispatcher will:

  1. Attempt to dispatch a minified version of the requested asset.
  2. If the above fails, look for the original non-minified file, create the minified version and dispatch the resulting file.

Evidently, Assets Dispatcher isn't the fastest way to serve Javascript/CSS files because even when there's a minified version available, everything is resolved by a PHP program. For this reason the use proposed in the demo may not be a convenient setup.

Assets Dispatcher as an automated minifier

An alternative use we can have for Assets Dispatcher is that of an automated minifier. Please, take a look at demo-alt for details.

In this setup, instead of using a PHP dispatcher to serve the assets, we use it to generate the minified versions of all the resources. In the demo-alt we do this via a PHP file that we have to HTTP GET, but in a real situation we would use a cron job instead.