A filestore abstraction for PHP

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Last update: 2022-08-15 04:56:20 UTC


Cabinet is a filestore abstraction written in PHP. Filestores map string keys to files.

At the core of Cabinet is the FileStore interface, which defines most of the operations you'd find in a normal filesystem (read, write, delete, etc.). By programming to this interface, your application code remains unaware of the underlying filestore implementation.

Abstracting the filestore lets you swap one implementation for another without requiring changes to your application code. For example, you might use S3 in production, a local filesystem in dev, and an array-backed implementation in your unit tests.

Filestore implementations

Cabinet comes with a number of filestore implementations:

  • FilesystemFileStore stores files in your local filesystem.
  • ArrayFileStore stores files in a PHP array.
  • NullFileStore is a black hole like /dev/null.

There are two additional wrapper implementations:

  • ReadOnlyFileStore delegates read and write operations to two separate filestores.
  • MountPointFileStore provides a way to compose multiple filestores into a virtual filesystem.

To provide a custom implementation, write a class that implements Cabinet\FileStore.

Example usage

You'd typically defer construction of a filestore to a factory constructor:

class FileStoreFactory
    public static function create() {
        // This might return an implementation based on your app config
        return new \Cabinet\FilesystemFileStore('/tmp/myfiles');

Then your application code uses the filestore like so:

$store = FileStoreFactory::create();
$file = $store->newFile('/foo/bar');
$store->setFileContents($file, 'some data');

This writes the given data to /tmp/myfiles/foo/bar.