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A Laravel Nova row field.

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1.0.7 2018-09-25 14:08 UTC

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This field has been merged to Custom Nova Fields package. Keep track of it for updates!

Row Field for Laravel Nova

This field allows you to create horizontal rows passing a collection of Custom Nova Fields.




Run this command in your nova project: composer require 64robots/nova-fields

Add it to your Nova Resource:

Create a new Row field passing an array of Nova Fields as a second param. Attribute name can be passed as third param.

As we are using R64 Nova Fields. We can customize the classes and hide the field labels.

use R64\NovaFields\Row;

Row::make('Lines', [
        ->fieldClasses('w-full px-8 py-6')
        ->fieldClasses('w-full px-8 py-6')
        ->fieldClasses('w-full px-8 py-6')
    ])->fieldClasses('w-full px-8 py-6')
      ->labelClasses('w-1/2 px-8 py-6'),

This converts to an array of objects.

  { quantity: 1, product: 'This One', price: 20 },
  { quantity: 2, product: 'That One', price: 21 }


Set your translations in the corresponding xx.json file located in /resources/lang/vendor/nova


  "Add Row": "Añadir Fila",
  "Delete Row": "Eliminar Fila",
  "Are you sure you want to delete this row?": "¿Estás seguro de querer eliminar esta fila?"