Image transformation filter for ZF2 via Imagine

v0.1.0 2015-02-06 18:59 UTC

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Last update: 2021-03-05 22:37:04 UTC


Created by Sven Friedemann

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Image is a Zend Framework 2 Module to manipulate images via filter. It uses the high configurable Zend Framework Filter system to transform and manipulate images and based on Imagine.


Add "3makkk\emak-image" to your composer.json file and update your dependencies. Enable "EmakImage" in your application.config.php.

Or simply clone it into your vendor directory.


Each Filter is a implementation of Zend\Filter\FilterInterface and is available in the filter manager.

Thumbnail: Generate a thumbnail from current image.

The following options are Supported for Image\Filter\File\Thumbnail

  • width: Width of thumbnail.
  • height: Height of thumbnail.
  • mode: The mode specify the behavior of the crop/resize mechanism. It can be inset or outbound.

Resize: Resize the current image. (not proportional)

The following options are supported for Image\Filter\File\Resize

  • width: Width of resized image.
  • height: Height of resized image.

Watermark: Watermark current image

The following options are supported for EmakImage\Filter\File\Watermark

  • watermark_image_path: Path to Watermark image.
  • position_x: position of watermark on X axis (Watermark:POSITION_X_LEFT | Watermark::POSITION_X_CENTER | Watermark::POSITION_X_RIGHT)
  • position_y: position of watermark on Y axis (Watermark:POSITION_Y_TOP | Watermark::POSITION_Y_CENTER | Watermark::POSITION_Y_BOTTOM)
  • offset_x: Watermark offset on X axis relative to position.
  • offset_y: Watermark offset on Y axis relative to position.

All filters are available via the filter manager.

  • File\Filter\Image\Thumbnail => EmakImage\Filter\File\Thumbnail
  • File\Filter\Image\Resize => EmakImage\Filter\File\Resize
  • File\Filter\Image\Watermark => EmakImage\Filter\File\Watermark