Import data from files (.csv, .xml, ...)

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1.4.5 2020-01-15 15:04 UTC

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Import Bundle can be used to populate entities from flat files (.csv, .xml, etc.)

  1. Installation

Add package your composer.json file:

"require": {
    "2lenet/import-bundle": "^1.0"

Launch composer update to add bundle to your project:

composer update 2lenet/import-bundle

Add bundle in your app/AppKernel.php file:

$bundles = array(
            new ClickAndMortar\ImportBundle\ClickAndMortarImportBundle(),
  1. Configuration

Configure bundle with your own entities in your app/config.yml file. Example:

      model: Acme\DemoBundle\Entity\Customer
      repository: AcmeDemoBundle:Customer
      unique_key: id
        id: "ID"
        name: "Name_For_Customer"
        firstname: "FirstName"
        gender: "Sex"
        age: "Age"

You can define multiple imports for a single entity by simply changing the name of the import procedure (eg. add a new part under entities with name customer_from_ecommerce)

Options available:

Option Mandatory Example Comment
model Yes Acme\DemoBundle\Entity\Customer Model name in your project
repository Yes AcmeDemoBundle:Customer Repository name for entity
unique_key No id Allows entities update from a property
only_update No false If true, only update existing entities by using unique_key
import_helper_service No acme.demo.import_helper.my_import_helper Extension point to complete classic mapping data on entity. Service must implements "ImportHelperInterface" interface
  1. Usage

Launch import of file with command:

php app/console candm:import /path/of/your/file/customers.csv customer_from_pim

Options available:

Option Comment
--delete-after-import Delete file after import
  1. Extension

You can create your own reader to read other file types.

Create your class (in YourOrganizationName/YourBundle/Reader/Readers) and extends AbstractReader:


namespace YourOrganizationName\YourBundle\Reader\Readers;

use ClickAndMortar\ImportBundle\Reader\AbstractReader;

 * Class MyCustomXmlReader
 * @package YourOrganizationName\YourBundle\Reader\Readers
class MyCustomXmlReader extends AbstractReader
     * Read my custom XML file and return data array
     * @param string $path
     * @return array
    public function read($path)
        $data = array();


        return $data;

     * Support only xml type
     * @param string $type
     * @return bool
    public function support($type)
        return $type == 'xml';

Declare class as service (in YourOrganizationName/YourBundle/Resource/config/services.yml) and add tag clickandmortar.import.reader:

  yourorganizationname.yourbundle.reader.my_custom_reader.class: YourOrganizationName\YourBundle\Reader\Readers\MyCustomXmlReader

    class: %yourorganizationname.yourbundle.reader.my_custom_reader.class%
      - { name: clickandmortar.import.reader }

And that's all!