1.0.1 2016-10-28 21:49 UTC



  • read upgrade files from configured directory
  • sort files into x.y.z release number order
  • break upgrade file contents into XX.YY schema revisions
  • determine what revisions need to be executed
  • execute revisions & update tracker
  • built in cli script
  • configuration loaded from json file
  • custom configuration via script
  • Runner Commands (tests, updates, downgrades, etc) use response object to track status and messaging


  • Switch to a specific CliRunner class
  • CliRunner class sets verbosity level
  • Runner class figures out what to do
    • connection test
    • DbSmart2 table test
    • RevisionCheck
    • Run Updates
    • Run Downgrades
    • Dump Upgrade Log
  • Runner Class tests database connection
  • Runner Class tests for DbSmart2 table
  • Runner Class can setup DbSmart2 table
  • Runner Class checks which revisions need to be run
  • Runner Class runs updates
  • Runner Class updates tracker table
  • CliRunner class handles all output responsibilities
  • Changelog
  • Documentation