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1.1.1 2016-09-08 13:44 UTC


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This module allows to upgrade the database after source code changes by applying sql files in the database.


Just install via composer


If you want an executable file somewhere in your project structure and not somewhere in vendors, composer will offer you the possibility to define a bin-dir where all executabls are symlinked.

    "config": {
        "bin-dir": "scripts"


Migrations is configured via ZF1's application.ini which is loaded from /application/configs/application.ini.

Currently only Doctrine's DBAL configuration is used.

During runtime a APPLICATION_ENV must be set!


migrations status

migrations status will show you a list of all unapplied changes.

migrations apply

migrations apply next will apply the next changeset.

migrations apply all will apply all missing changesets.

migrations apply <sql-file-name> will apply the changeset .

With the --only-mark option you can apply the migration without executing it.


Running Tests:

# Unit tests
vendor/bin/phpunit tests/unit/

# Component tests
docker-compose up -d
vendor/bin/phpunit tests/component/