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Just look at CakePHP Framework or Doctrine ORM API.


  • PHP 5.5


1. Using Composer (preferred method)

In your project's root folder:

composer require --dev apigen/apigen

Or if you want it globally:

composer global require --dev apigen/apigen

2. As a PHAR

In your project's root folder:

curl -L -O https://github.com/ApiGen/ApiGen.github.io/raw/master/apigen.phar

(or just download it here).

For global installation, just move the downloaded apigen.phar to your path.


NOTE: The above examples assume you have ApiGen installed in your path. You might need to change the apigen command to vendor/bin/apigen if installed locally through Composer or php apigen.phar if using the PHAR version.

Run ApiGen with source and destination options:

apigen generate -s ./src -d ./docs

To omit cli options just create apigen.yaml or apigen.neon file in your project's root folder:

    - ./src

destination: ./docs

For all available options, along with descriptions and default values, just run:

apigen generate --help

NOTE: In config files, options are camelCased (i.e. accessLevel for --access-level).

Refer to the wiki for all supported annotations.


$ phpunit

Get Support!

  • #apigen on irc.freenode.net - Come chat with us, we have cake.

  • GitHub Issues - Got issues? Please tell us!

  • Roadmaps - Want to contribute? Get involved!


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