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Testing libraries for WordPress

1.0.1 2017-10-02 14:41 UTC

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Last update: 2021-02-14 13:50:02 UTC


This is a simple testing library to add unit and integration tests to your WordPress packages via PHPUnit and Behat.


$ composer require 0x6d617474/wp-testing --dev


The following is required in order to use the test library:

  • PHP v5.6+
  • PhantomJS or Java Runtime (for integration tests)
  • SVN
  • WordPress environment

Writing Tests

Make a tests directory in the root of your project, with the following structure:

 |---- /behat
        |---- /contexts
               |---- FeatureContext.php
        |---- /features
               |---- /core
                      |---- example.feature
 |---- /unit
        |---- bootstrap.php
        |---- ExampleTest.php
        |---- TestCase.php

You can find examples in the tests directory in this project.

You'll also need a behat.yml file and phpunit.xml file in your project root.

You can find examples in the root of this project. Note that only the autoload and suites keys are defined in the behat.yml file. The rest of the values are defined by the library and passed at runtime.

Write your unit tests in the tests/unit directory, and your integration tests in the tests/behat/features/core directory. You can make additional integration test suites by making new folders under tests/behat/features and updating your behat.yml file. A dev suite is included in the example behat.yml file.

Running Tests

To run your unit tests, simply run phpunit if you have it installed locally, or you can run the included vendor/bin/phpunit.

To run your integration tests, run the vendor/bin/wp-behat [suite=core] [browser=phantomjs] command.


In general, DO NOT run this test suite on a production environment. It does weird things with the database, and while it tries to clean up after itself, things happen. Just don't risk it.

Unit Tests

Unit tests are run using the official WordPress test suite libraries, which are sourced from develop.svn.wordpress.org. The same database your WordPress installation uses is used to run the tests, however with temporary tables prefixed with wptests_. These tables are cleaned up after the test suite finishes. Don't prefix your real tables with wptests_ or they will be deleted as well.

Integration Tests

By default, the library will run the core test suite via PhantomJS. You can pass in arguments to change this behavior (see above). For example, to run the dev test suite via Chrome, you would call vendor/bin/wp-behat dev chrome.

Just before running the tests, a Must Use plugin will be created in your WordPress installation, and the plugin will be removed afterwards. This plugin sets the _WP_TESTING_ENVIRONMENT constant, which you can use in your code to add/remove behavior during the run of the test suite.