MySQL version control

v1.0.0 2017-05-22 06:55 UTC



Patchr - MySQL version control

Patchr allows you to version control your database changes, allowing teams to easily share and review database changes.

Database version control is a very important process of modern web development, providing an accurate history of schema and data changes. Most modern frameworks offers database agnostic version control under the term "migrations".

Patchr uses a different approach, allowing you to commit raw SQL, more compatible with legacy system and easier to understand by new devs coming onboard.

Patchr is developed with deployment in mind, exposing a comprehensive command line API and it is currently used in some large scale corporate applications.


Patchr on Gitbook


./vendor/bin/phpunit System wide installs of phpunit might not work due to potentially different versions, please rely on above command.


Patchr is framework agnostic, it can easily be added to any existing framework/project. These are the official wrappers for commonly used frameworks:


  • Decouple Model class from Mysqli to create adapters for other RDBMS
  • Expand unit tests coverage