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Crossjoin's packages

  • PHP


    The standalone PHP Browscap parser Crossjoin\Browscap detects browser properties as well as device information based on the user agent string of the requesting browsers and search engines, using the data from the Browser Capabilities Project. It's several hundred times faster than the build-in PHP function get_browser(), and faster than other Browscap PHP libraries, with much lower memory consumption. Optionally Crossjoin\Browscap automatically updates the Browscap data, so you're always up-to-date. The newest version is build for PHP 7.x, for PHP >= 5.6 use version 2.x, for PHP >= 5.3 use version 1.x.

  • PHP


    CSS reader and writer with full CSS3 support, already supporting huge parts of the current CSS4 spec. It supports media queries, comments, value optimization and more... It offers full Unicode support and can handle also large CSS sources. Requires PHP 5.4+.

  • PHP


    JSON decoder and encoder for PHP with full Unicode support following RFC 7159. Besides UTF-8 it also supports JSON in UTF-16BE, UTF-16LE, UTF-32BE and UTF-32LE encoding. And, as suggested by the RFC for better interoperability, it can also ignore byte order marks (BOMs) when parsing JSON.

  • PHP


    Crossjoin\PreMailer converts CSS in a given HTML source to inline styles and optimizes it for sending it via e-mail. It also creates a text version of the HTML source. Requires PHP 5.4+.