• webmozart/assert

    Assertions to validate method input/output with nice error messages.

  • webmozart/glob

    A PHP implementation of Ant's glob.

  • webmozart/json

    A robust JSON decoder/encoder with support for schema validation.

  • webmozart/expression

    Formulate expressions and search criteria using PHP objects.

  • webmozart/console

    A usable, beautiful and easily testable console toolkit written in PHP.

  • puli/repository

    A filesystem-like repository for storing arbitrary resources.

  • puli/discovery

    Discovers Puli resources bound to predefined types.

  • puli/manager

    Generates Puli repositories from configured packages.

  • puli/cli

    A Command Line Interface (CLI) for managing Puli repositories.

  • puli/factory


    A factory API for Puli's core services.

  • webmozart/path-util

    A robust cross-platform utility for normalizing, comparing and modifying file paths.

  • webmozart/key-value-store

    A key-value store API with implementations for different backends.

  • puli/url-generator

    Generates URLs for public Puli resources.

  • puli/composer-plugin

    Integrates Composer into the Puli package manager.

  • puli/twig-extension

    A Puli extension for the Twig templating system.