• psr/log

    Common interface for logging libraries

  • symfony/web-profiler-bundle

    Symfony WebProfilerBundle

  • silex/web-profiler

    A WebProfiler for Silex

  • monolog/monolog

    Sends your logs to files, sockets, inboxes, databases and various web services

  • elao/web-profiler-extra-bundle

    Add routing, container, assetic & twig information inside the profiler

  • guzzle/guzzle

    PHP HTTP client. This library is deprecated in favor of https://packagist.org/packages/guzzlehttp/guzzle

  • guzzlehttp/guzzle

    Guzzle is a PHP HTTP client library and framework for building RESTful web service clients

  • aura/web

    Provides web Request and Response objects for use by web controllers and actions. These are representations of the PHP web environment, not HTTP request and response objects proper.

  • behat/web-api-extension

    Web API extension for Behat

  • aws/aws-sdk-php

    AWS SDK for PHP - Use Amazon Web Services in your PHP project

  • behat/mink

    Browser controller/emulator abstraction for PHP

  • paymentsuite/paypal-web-checkout-bundle

    Paypal Web Checkout PaymentSuite Component

  • behat/mink-extension

    Mink extension for Behat

  • mouf/mouf-validators-interface

    The mouf-validators-interface package contains interfaces your classes can implement to provide self-validation in the Mouf interface.

  • mouf/utils.cache.cache-interface

    This package only contains the interface that must be implemented by caching classes. Unless you want to implement your own caching method, you should import a cache package that will use this interface. For instance, common.utils.session-cache, or common.utils.file-cache.