• opis/cache

    A caching library, with support for multiple backend storages, that provides developers an API which allows them to deal with cached content in a standardised way, no matter where that content is stored.

  • anime-db/cache-time-keeper-bundle

    Cache time keeper

  • doctrine/cache

    Caching library offering an object-oriented API for many cache backends

  • opis/closure

    A library for PHP 5.3+ that can be used to serialize closures (anonymous functions).

  • doctrine/doctrine-cache-bundle

    Symfony2 Bundle for Doctrine Cache

  • opis/database

    Opis Database is a library that provides an abstraction layer over several database systems, offering a standard way of handling database records and thus, making the differences between various SQL dialects irrelevant to the developers.

  • opis/session

    Opis Session is a session manager library with support for multiple backend storages that provides developers with an API which allows them to handle session related informations in a standardised way.

  • maxmind-db/reader

    MaxMind DB Reader API

  • opis/http

    Opis Http Component

  • opis/events

    Opis Events is a library that can be used for dispatching and intercepting events. This library is builded on top of the Opis Routing library and provides a full range of features like filters and events' priorities.

  • opis/routing

    A framework for building routing components

  • opis/view

    A 'must have' view component that can be integrated with multiple rendering engines simultaneously

  • opis/container

    Serializable dependency injection container for PHP 5.3+

  • opis/config

    Simple config library

  • sonata-project/cache

    Cache library