• csanquer/colibri-csv

    Lightweight and performant CSV reader and writer library

  • colibri/colibri

    Colibri, the tiny (M)VC PHP framework

  • opis/cache

    Cache library with support for multiple storages (APC, Redis, Database, Mongo, File and others)

  • opis/http

    Opis Http Component

  • opis/http-routing

    Extendable and fully serializable HTTP routing library for PHP 5.3+

  • opis/events

    Dispatch and intercept events

  • opis/routing

    Fully extendable routing component

  • opis/container

    Serializable dependency injection container for PHP 5.3+

  • opis/view

    A 'must have' view component that can be integrated with multiple rendering engines simultaneously

  • opis/closure

    A PHP 5.3+ library for closure serialization. Serialize any closure in a safe and fast way.

  • opis/config

    Simple config library

  • opis/session

    Opis Session

  • opis/database

    Database abstraction layer