• herzult/php-ssh

    Provides an object-oriented wrapper for the php ssh2 extension.

  • mikemeier/php-ssh

    Provides an object-oriented wrapper for the php ssh2 extension.

  • thelfensdrfer/yii2-ssh-console

    SSH library for yii2 console commands

  • janisgruzis/ssh-bundle

    Ssh client for Symfony 2. Allows to define connections and use them as services.

  • x-team/wp-cli-ssh

    Invoke WP-CLI on another server via SSH from local machine

  • phpseclib/phpseclib

    PHP Secure Communications Library - Pure-PHP implementations of RSA, AES, SSH2, SFTP, X.509 etc.

  • laravel/envoy

    Elegant SSH tasks for PHP.

  • anahkiasen/rocketeer

    Rocketeer is a fast and simple deployer for the PHP world

  • yohang/oossh

    Object Oriented SSH for PHP

  • dg/ftp-deployment

    A tool for automated deployment of web applications to an FTP server.

  • league/shunt

    PHP library for executing commands in parallel on multiple remote machines, via SSH

  • oncesk/ssh2

    ssh2 client library

  • idct/sftp-client

    Library that provides wrapper methods around SSH2 and SFTP to simplify file download/upload over SSH/SCP/SFTP.

  • banago/bridge

    A PHP class to transfer data using different protocols (sftp, ftp, http, etc). Utilizes PHPs ssh2, ftp and curl functions if available.

  • fadion/maneuver

    Easily deploy Laravel projects via FTP or SFTP, using Git for versioning.