• bulforce/ext-direct

    Laravel ExtJS/Sencha direct provider

  • ghua/ext-direct-bundle

    ExtDirect implementation for Symfony2

  • oaugustus/direct-silex-provider

    An ExtJS Direct service provider for Silex.

  • modera/direct-bundle

    Symfony 2 ExtDirect Bundle

  • omnipay/paymentexpress

    Payment Express (DPS) driver for the Omnipay payment processing library

  • ejz/redis

    Simple Redis class. Direct protocol calls.

  • gocardless/enterprise

    A php library for interfacing with the GoCardless Enterprise REST API. Please note this library is not for use with their standard API.

  • anouar/paypalpayment

    laravel-paypalpayment is simple package help you process direct credit card payments, stored credit card payments and PayPal account payments with your L4 projects using paypal REST API SDK.

  • iqria/extdirect

    Yii2 Ext.Direct implementation.

  • angular-ui/bootstrap

    Native AngularJS (Angular) directives for Twitter's Bootstrap

  • silverstripe/messagequeue

    Simple and lightweight message queueing mechanism for SilverStripe applications, with queueing actions for long running process execution, message sending between installations and bi-directional interaction with external messaging systems such as ApacheMQ

  • scribe/cssembed-library

    This is a direct fork of 'nzakas/cssembed', a project which hasn't been touched by its author for over three years. Welcome to its revival.

  • dmitrirussu/php-sepa-xml-generator

    Creates an XML file for a Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) Direct Debit Payment.

  • abcaeffchen/sephpa

    Generates Sepa files for credit transfers (pain.001.002.03, pain.001.003.03) and direct debit (pain.008.002.02, pain.008.003.02)

  • innova/angular-ui-tinymce-bundle

    Symfony 2 bundle which provides Angular JS directive to integrate TinyMCE