• aoberoi/json-works

    Create, edit, query and validate json

  • johnstevenson/json-works

    Create, edit, query and validate json

  • samurai-fw/samurai

    PHP Fullstacked Framework made in JAPAN.

  • drush/drush

    Drush is a command line shell and scripting interface for Drupal, a veritable Swiss Army knife designed to make life easier for those of us who spend some of our working hours hacking away at the command prompt.

  • tomk79/px-fw-2.x

    Pickles Framework(PxFW) は、静的で大きなウェブサイトを効率よく構築できる オープンソースのHTML生成ツールです。

  • zendframework/zend-developer-tools

    Module for developer and debug tools for working with the ZF2 MVC layer.

  • ass/xmlsecurity

    The XmlSecurity library is written in PHP for working with XML Encryption and Signatures

  • nette/nette

    Nette Framework - innovative framework for fast and easy development of secured web applications in PHP. Write less, have cleaner code and your work will bring you joy.

  • flowjs/flow-php-server

    PHP library for handling chunk uploads. Works with flow.js html5 file uploads.

  • jenssegers/date

    A date library to help you work with dates in different languages

  • payum/payum

    Payum offers everything you need to work with payments. From simplest use cases to very advanced ones.

  • phayes/geophp

    GeoPHP is a open-source native PHP library for doing geometry operations. It is written entirely in PHP and can therefore run on shared hosts. It can read and write a wide variety of formats: WKT (including EWKT), WKB (including EWKB), GeoJSON, KML, GPX, GeoRSS). It works with all Simple-Feature geometries (Point, LineString, Polygon, GeometryCollection etc.) and can be used to get centroids, bounding-boxes, area, and a wide variety of other useful information.

  • fguillot/json-rpc

    Simple Json-RPC client/server library that just works

  • ornicar/gravatar-bundle

    This bundles provides a Gravatar API various utilities to work with it in templates

  • league/statsd

    A simple library for working with StatsD in PHP.