• ehough/chaingang

    Chain-of-Responsibility / Chain-of-Command pattern in PHP.

  • ehough/pulsar

    Intelligent classloaders PHP 5

  • ehough/tickertape

    Fork of Symfony's Event Dispatcher compatible with PHP 5.2+.

  • ehough/iconic

    Fork of Symfony's Dependency Injection component compatible with PHP 5.2+.

  • ehough/finder

    Fork of Symfony's Finder Component compatible with PHP 5.2+

  • ehough/stash

    Fork of tedivm/stash compatible with PHP 5.2+

  • ehough/mockery

    Fork of padraic/mockery compatible with PHP 5.2+.

  • ehough/filesystem

    Fork of Symfony's Filesystem Component compatible with PHP 5.2+

  • ehough/templating

    Fork of Symfony's Templating component compatible with PHP 5.2+

  • ehough/epilog

    Fork of seldaek/monolog compatible with PHP 5.2+

  • ehough/contemplate

    Template library that uses pure PHP syntax. Nothing new to learn, blazingly fast, and compatible with PHP 5.2+.

  • ehough/curly

    Powerful PHP class for working with URLs

  • ehough/shortstop

    Fast and flexible HTTP client for PHP 5.2+

  • ehough/coauthor

    OAuth client backed by ehough/shortstop

  • ehough/fimble

    Filesystem utilities for PHP 5.1.0 and above.