• bobkingstone/securepass


    Auto-generate random password string with option for the inclusion of symbols. Uses Laravels Str random function to generate original alpha numeric string

  • meido/str

    A port of Laravel 3's Str class

  • laravelbook/laravel4-powerpack

    Port of Laravel 3's HTML, Form and Str classes

  • ink/ink-str

    Generate a URL friendly "slug" from a given string. (Skips ASCII)

  • cohensive/str

    String replacement class for Laravel 4

  • radig/cakephp-mongodb

    MongoDB datasource for CakePHP forked from github.com/ichikaway/cakephp-mongodb by Yasushi Ichikawa (ichikaway), Andy Dawson (AD7six)

  • webdeveloper258/inkstr